Devslopes App Bug Workarounds

Devslopes v1.3 macOS & v2.4 iOS has a bug that is affecting some users - you can't log in or use the app. Here is the current workaround until the app updates go live:

  1. Log out of mac app (if possible)
  2. Delete Mac App from applications
  3. Navigate to User/Library/Containers/com.devslopes.devslopes.osx
  4. If you don't see your Library folder press shift + cmd + . to show hidden folders
  5. Delete the entire com.devslopes.devslopes.osx folder
  6. Make sure to empty the trash here
  7. open terminal and type killall cfprefsd this will remove user defaults that are no longer installed
  8. Reinstall the app and log in
  1. Delete the app, reinstall it, and log in