Devslopes App Web Series

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Welcome to the Making of the Devslopes app Web Series. This is a new and exclusive social experiment where the Devslopes team will be building an app live in front of all of you. You get to watch how a real-life development shop builds an app.

How It Works

Every week we will have a live standup where you can join in and watch our progress.

We will also record videos throughout the week that actually show us coding / designing.

You are able to participate and chat in each live session. At the end of each session we open the floor for live Q & A.

Optional: You can register to receive an email notification 24 hours before each event reminding you of the event (and other spur of the moment things).

Register for Notifications

Files & Tools

You get access to view our actual working files and tools (except source code - sorry!)

  1. Trello Board (Project management)
  2. Sign Up For Beta Testing
  3. Interactive Team Communication (#devslopes-app channel)
Video List

Videos will be listed chronologically.
Full Youtube Playlist

  1. Project Kickoff - 02/13/16 (724 Viewers!)
    • Direct Blab Link
    • We had a recording issue in this video (failed to record). So I've recapped what we talked about and you can see the last 15 minutes of the live session. In the future I will also be recording my desktop so you can see that as well.
  2. Week 1 Standup
    • We reviewed Jack's streaming test app and Pearson's Air Drop test app. Both successful! We also reviewed Evan's world class app designs.
  3. Firebase iOS Setup w/ Mark
  4. Firebase iOS Setup Part 2
  5. Mark Fixes Merge Conflict
  6. SpriteKit and UIKit in the same project
  7. Sprint 1 Review
  8. Sprint 2 Week 1
  9. Sprint 2 Review
  10. Firebase Data Modeling
  11. Jack's Code Review
  12. Sprint 3 Week 1 - Best meetup yet!
  13. Sprint 3 Review
  14. Important Team Meeting