Objective-C Exercise 01 - Make Your Own App

Your First OBJC App

You will build your very own Objective-C iOS app.

Student Solution Source Code

  1. Create an iOS app with the single view template that uses Objective-C
  2. Drag a UIButton onto your main view and give it the title of "Ask a question"
  3. Create an alert that has:
    • a title
    • a message that is a question
    • a YES button
    • a NO button

When the button is tapped an alert should appear to the user and ask them a question. The user can choose YES or NO and the alert should close.

No other features or actions required.

Extra Credit

Make the YES / NO choice actually check if the answer is right. If it is correct show another alert that says, "That is correct". If it is wrong show an alert that says, "That is incorrect"