Objective-C Exercise 08 - Extending Your App

Your app by now should look like the image below.

You are going to add some awesome features to this app.

Example Source Code

  • In the VideoVC underneath the video you are going to:
    • Have a UITextField that allows the user to enter a comment about the video
    • A UIButton that says "Post" that will allow the user to post the comment to the server via a POST request
    • Have a list of existing comments that is pulled down from the server via a GET request
  • Every time the user posts a comment to the server, you will do another GET request to refresh the comments list so it shows the new comment
  • Each video must maintain its own comments ie You should never see duplicate comments across videos
  • You are going to create a 3rd View Controller/Screen. This must be written in Swift. It will be an "About Devslopes" or ("About YourApp/Company") screen. You will show contact information from the company, as well as a Map that has a pin drop for the business address. This can all be static data. You may choose how the user accesses this screen.
Extra Credit

You are going to actually persist data to a database instead of storing static data. You will read these guides and then migrate your static data into a MongoDb database.

MongoDB is the database. Mongoose is a Node wrapper that allows your node apps to store data easily in a MongoDB database.

The end result is that your Node app.get and app.post requests will fetch and post data directly from the MongoDB database.

Current App Example: